Food and drink in London and Bath

London and Bath Food and Hospitality Photographer. Award winning, contemporary creating images with a high visual impact with clients from Masterchef and Michelin star restaurants.

London and Bath

I have shot a wide range of subjects for a wide range of clients. I love to shoot food as its the one area where your attention to detail can reach its fullest and the magic of image making is the most visible, how the power of an image can make get people running to the fridge! My style is simple, strong graphics and uncomplicated. Most of what I capture is taken predominantly with natural lighting as it offers the most natural and clean lighting solution. I shoot in my home studio or travel to a specific location if needed. Work is anywhere it takes me.

Shooting for hotels or restaurants I can capture the whole business from people to interiors, the menu as well as create the occasional promo video like done for the Gainsborough Spa Hotel.

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